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Reports from other organisations on workplace health, return to work

There are many organisations working in this area. Whether it is MS specific or chronic illness in general, there are all kinds of tips and strategies for you to use in your work life. Not everything works for everyone with different strategies useful for different workplaces and personal situations but you will find information that will enchance your strategy for a smart workplace that is inclusive Improving business practices for employees with disabilities is the “smart” thing to do because it leads to improvements for the entire workforce!

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EMSP Toolkit for Employers (and people with MS):
Use this to prepare for a conversation with your manager/boss/colleagues.

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EU- OSHA is the European Union information agency for occupational safety and health. The work of the agency contributes to the European Commission’s Strategic Framework for Safety and Health at work 2014-2020  and other relevant EU strategies and programmes, such as Europe 2020

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Return to work tools are fundamental to having a prepared business and human resource system. Information sheets from EU OSHA.