MS Ally

We all need allies, people who will stand with us when we’re going through difficult times. Multiple sclerosis is often diagnosed at a time when people are transitioning from one life-stage to another. People might be finishing school, university or starting to think about having a family. Or, it could be a new Mum with a brand-new baby who has been told they have MS.

We all deal with the news differently. But having someone to talk with, to reach out to is an important way of dealing with challenges.

It is not only about being a friend. An MS Ally is so much more. It is someone who supports people to be themselves despite the diagnosis, to continue to strive for their dreams and is someone to talk to. An MS Ally may or may not have MS.

At EMSP, we lead the way in being great MS Allies. We will be the best allies for our member societies spread across Europe, to those working in places where people with MS are discriminated against, where they are fired from their work because they are diagnosed with MS or where they can’t access services because they ‘don’t look sick’.

MS is a serious, neurological illness. The EMSP has spent the past 29 years being lead allies to people with MS (and their families in Europe). We call on you, friends and family, employers, to join with our member societies so people with MS across Europe lead the lives of their choice to the fullest of their abilities.