Healthcare professionals

Health care professionals (HCPs) are often the first line when it comes to information for people living with MS. Whether it is at diagnosis or ongoing care, General Practitioners, neurologists, MS nurses, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists and others all have important roles in the lives of a person with the condition. 

Your health care professional is a great source of information for you. It is you’re your HCP that you can work to find solutions to issues you might be having at work fatigue, cognitive, or mobility another symptom that is having an impact. Talking is a vital step to coming to a resolution. 


Being diagnosed with MS ...

...doesn’t mean you have to stop working. There are many ways to deal with any readjustment*. After discussing the issues, your HCP can refer you for further specialist care such as to an Occupational Therapist, a neuropsychologist or another suitably qualified person. Staying in work can play a significant, positive impact on your overall wellbeing, your financial security and mental health. 


Use the guidelines as a way to discuss the different issues with your neurologist or MS nurse. If you’re not sure how to go about accessing information, check out the Resource page for information on a range of topics and make contact with your local MS Society

*For some people with MS, this can take a significant amount of time to reach a solution. Reach out to your local or national MS society.