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The likelihood of being in the workforce with a health condition in Europe is high - 23.5% of the working population report having an illness, with 19% stating they had long-term health conditions*. All businesses will sooner or later face the challenge of adapting to this reality. We are encouraging you to equip your business now, to be prepared and build flexibility into workplace strategies. Health and positive wellbeing are public goods, the good health of people, human development are assets for European society**.
Good health and illness are issues everyone in business must deal with. How we deal with is where the good practice comes to the fore. Whether you’re a sole-trader or part of a multi-national global corporation with thousands of people, this is the right place to get information on what it means to work with multiple sclerosis.
We have case studies, data, videos, reports from a wide range of organisations, resources on how to support people in the workplace, how to deal with a difficult issue and tips from experts in a wide range of disciplines and industries.
If you have experience of supporting someone with MS to stay in the work force, write us and we’ll tell your story (anonymity not an issue if you choose).

Rewards for businesses

Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards

The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards are organised by EU-OSHA in cooperation with the EU Member States, to recognise outstanding and innovative contributions to workplace safety and health. The awards also serve as a platform for sharing and promoting good practice across Europe. You can learn more about getting your business involved here

The Money- What grants are available for businesses

List of EU Grants

Grants: The European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe’s main tool for promoting employment and social inclusion – helping people get a job (or a better job), integrating disadvantaged people into society and ensuring fairer life opportunities for all.

There are also specific grants available nationally. Please check with your local business network for further information.

Business, Safety and Health

Rights and responsibilities for businesses in Europe

An expert at the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work describes the costs of failing to manage occupational risks at the EU level and evidence to show the benefits of investing in health and safety, with a return on investment of more that 2:1.

Standards in health and safety in the workplace are part of running a successful business in Europe.. Good health and safety saves money for businesses by avoiding preventable injuries to individuals and therefore avoiding financial and resource costs to businesses.

People with MS are part of your workforce. They may, or may not, require reasonable accommodations to stay safe and continue to do their work. Whatever their situation, it is possible to find a solution by dealing with any issues in a professional manner. See the Practical Toolkit for Employers and do the survey to understand your readiness. 
(SURVEY to follow)

Fun stuff

Take our survey/audit of your workplace. This is a starting point to understand how prepared your business is to support people with MS (or other chronic conditions)