About us

 “I need to work and make money. My mental health, my talents and social network benefit because I work.  MSatWork.Life is for people like me who have MS and are looking for resources on how to stay professionally active. 
I know the challenges of finding work, getting back to work, disclosure and dealing with economic uncertainty. Over the years I’ve built my knowledge, learned from others and developed a strategy so I can stay successful.  Send me a message about your life and what work means to you. Put your experiences forward, other people need to know what works, or doesn’t, for you.”

Emma Rogan

Emma Rogan
Coordinator of MS at Work

An expert in the different aspects of living with a chronic illness and staying at work, she has been highlighting the issues through her work with EMSP.  

EMSP team

The European MS Platform
Leading organisation of the MS at Work

EMSP is the voice of people with MS and exists to improve the quality of life for these people in Europe. 

We do this by: 

•    Working with 40 EMSP Member societies in 35 European countries
•    Developing projects
•    Lobbying at European Union level on health, medicines and social issues
•    Working with a broad range of organisations, decision-makers, politicians, industry and other partners

EMSP allies and funders...

play a vital role in our work for the benefit of people living with MS in Europe. 
•    European Commission – over the years, the Commission has provided funding for a number of EMSP’s employment projects
•    European Parliament – hundreds of MEPs signed and supported our policy-initiatives to improve employment situation of people with MS
•    European Medicines Agency – the drug regulator regards EMSP as a steadfast partner in the process of licensing safe and effective medicines for people with MS. 

We thank the following sponsors...

for their support for MSatWork.LIFE and other employment-focused projects mentioned throughout


Code of Conduct

On a regular basis, EMSP also collaborates with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). 
Our approach is transparent and rules-based, as set out in our Code of Conduct